Leuven Scale for Well-Being

The Leuven Scale for Well-being is an observation scale to measure the well-being of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children, adolescents and adults.

Based on a five-point scale, the well-being of children or adults – this is the extent in which they feel good emotionally within a certain context or situation– is scored.

Score 1 Outspoken signs of distress

Score 2 Signs of distress predominate

Score 3 A mixed picture, no outspoken signs

Score 4 Signs of enjoyment predominate

Score 5 Outspoken signs of enjoyment

This score is based on observation of signals for well-being: enjoyment, being spontaneous and being oneself, being relaxed, open and curious, radiate, feeling confident. The level of well-being indicates how well children or adults are doing emotionally and how well the environment enables them to satisfy the basic needs.


Download The Leuven Scale for Well-being here