Ferre Laevers

Prof. Ferre Laevers is the founder of the EGO and director of CEGO Research & Development. Below you will discover more about his person and his work.

Curriculum Vitae

(Prof. dr) Ferre Laevers is a professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. As the founder and director of the Expertise Center for Experiential Education (CEGO), he has grown the EGO innovation project over the past 40 years into an influential scientific institution in the educational sector – from childcare to care for the elderly. Thanks to dozens of projects, the EGO covers a range of perspectives ranging from advanced teaching methods, teacher style, classroom climate, the prevention of social-emotional problems, the promotion of entrepreneurship and technology, competence and talent-oriented education, solidarity as the core of moral education … to integrated quality assurance systems . In 1991, Ferre Laevers and colleagues from Worcester University (C. Pascal and T. Bertram) founded the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA), of which he held the presidency for a three-year term in 2005. Under his impetus and thanks to numerous keynotes, conferences and various international projects, “Experiential Education” (especially in the domain of young children) is a household name in many countries, from the UK to Australia and Japan.


At Early Years Conference Oct. ’16

Interview about well-being and involvement of children.