Leuven Scale for Involvement

The Leuven Scale for Involvement is an observation scale to measure the involvement of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children, adolescents and adults.

Based on a five-point scale, the involvement of children or adults – this is the extent in which they are mentally active during activities – is scored.

Score 1 No activity

Score 2 Interrupted activity

Score 3 Activity without intensity

Score 4 Activity with intense moments

Score 5 Continuous intense activity

This score is based on observation of signals for involvement: body language, facial expressions,…. A range of signals are taken into account (such as concentration, energy, complexity and creativity, expression and posture, persistence, precision, reaction time, verbal utterances and satisfaction), and is based on empathic observation.

The level of involvement indicates how a person is doing and what the visible effect of the method, approach or pedagogy is. The score is an indication of the degree in which the learning environment enables children to come to fundamental or deep level learning.


Download The Leuven Scale for Involvement here